Thursday, October 16, 2014


Tuesdays are really busy days for us and I have a tendency to get anxious on days when we run from activity to activity to activity.  Thankfully every time I step out of the car at the barn, and breathe the musky scent of hay and manure and crisp fall air, I feel the stress oozing out of me, and fill myself up with the contentment that only nature can provide.

I love to watch my girls ride.  I love to see them work through problems when they are on the wrong diagonal, or when they are dealing with an obstinate horse who just won’t trot.  There are so many directions and steps to follow through on.  So many body positions and workings of their inner core muscles.  There are distractions to be dealt with without losing focus and control.  Horseback riding is a work out for the body and the mind.  

Watching the girls grow in confidence and capability fills me with joy.  This sport makes me slow down and appreciate each lesson for what it is.  Some are awesome.  Some are just okay.  Some days the horse is not up to performing.  Some days the girls attention wavers and they are off.  It is not about the next game, or the score, or the record.  It is just about learning, and growing and striving to jump higher and canter faster with better form and through it all, gain a better understanding of the magnificent creature on which they have the privilege to sit.

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Karen said...

I love to have been able to see how far they have come so quickly. Beautiful pictures. You could make a photo book just of their horse pictures!!

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