Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Won't be a puppy forever...

We are having good days and we are having bad days.  It is super frustrating to be in the middle of a math problem and notice Crosby waking from his nap.  Math can go on without me, but I have to rush him outdoors and focus on housebreaking.  The momentum is interrupted.  Our flow is disrupted.  It sucks.  I get frustrated, but then Greg reminds me of all the wonderful reasons why we brought this puppy home and that this will pass.

But so too will freshman year of high school and seventh grade and will we have done enough?  I can no longer say, “it’s just 5th grade, we’ll catch up.”  There is no more catch up time.  I am vigilant about counting hours for hours based classes (like social justice and language arts) and those hours matter.  It matters that we squeezed in an hour long National Geographic Documentary on the Suez Canal before we moved onto chapter 2 in Around the World in 80 Days.  It matters that it took 30 minutes to trace a map of the area and the new travel route made possible by the canal.  This hour and a half brought us to an even 30 hours towards our 120 hours for a credit.  We are a 1/4 way through Freshman English 1 and it is only October.  So really, I can breathe.  Just breathe and remind myself that a dog does not stay a puppy forever!

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Sandra said...

Good luck with Crosby. Your post has just strengthened my resolve that we will bot be getting a puppy once Basil returns to his owners next year. And it really doesn't sound as if you need to worry about getting in enough hours/credits this year. But you probably already know that.

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