Saturday, October 11, 2014

Wrap Up: Week of October 6th

So it has been established that homeschooling with a puppy is not for the faint of heart but I am done complaining about how “hard” it is.  I saw the cover of Men’s Health Magazine and it was a smack upside my head not to complain about my life being hard because I have a puppy.

We had some special moments this week, and very few of them had to do with homeschooling.  Crosby began licking rather than biting.  We had a friend over Thursday for what has become our weekly Thursday dinner date.  That same friend joined us Friday night for the opening night of Alexander and the Horrible Rotten No Good Day, which was wonderful except that I had to explain to my 12 year old what a stripper was.  I know most 12 year olds probably already know this, but mine did not and now she does.  She was a bit horrified.   I am truly dismayed that Disney would have put this scene into this family friendly movie.  Actually, I’m not.  I have not forgotten when Disney advertised an anorexic Minnie Mouse.  However, I had forgotten my vow to boycott them.

So here is our weekly wrap up, the highlights of our week.  

Grace: Lesson 21: order of operations in algebra
Lilah: Lesson 11( larger number subtraction/mental math), 12 (larger number subtraction with regrouping) (review)
Religious Ed
This year Lilah must do the reading out of the class.  Her teacher is a retired high school science teacher and he does not want to spend the valuable class time doing book work (LOVE this!!).  She will read chapters 1-3 from her text and do the test for chapter 2.
Chapter 7, 8
Went back and completed Notebooking Pages for ch. 3 and did mapwork of Upper and Lower Egypt.
Language Arts
added quotes to their journal from Dale Carnegie

Copied map of Suez Canal to broaden their understanding of the first leg of Philias Fog’s journey around the world.  This could also be filed under geography or history!
Watched hour long history documentary by National Geographic: The Suez Canal.

Completed Study Guide questions for Chapter 1 and began pages for chapter 2 (pages 14-16) and began working on pages 17-19.
Added new character summaries to their list (friends from the Reform Club, Detective Fix)

Looked through all my poetry books in search of 2 poems they love.  These were used in Writing Group to begin a group anthology of favorite poems as well as poems they wrote.  Worked on book spine poems.   Took a walk to Main Street and wrote a poem on the sidewalk for passerbys to see.
Week 7 Lesson 1-5 and corresponding workbook pages.  Focus this week switched from meteorology to geology.
Social Justice
Watched Seeking Social Justice video #4: Work.  

When Crosby is in his barking fits or I am working on cooking his rice and chicken or hamburger, the girls play.  They have put more hours into practice this week than they have in a very long time.  When I got stressed about not enough math getting done, Grace reminded me to focus on what we did do, like fill the house with beautiful music.
Lilah learned to canter and Grace learned how to jump!
Crosby had a vet appointment Monday.  Lilah also had a dentist appointment.  Unfortunately these two things were not close together and took up a significant part of our day.  These days become road schooling days.

The girls assisted in the bathing of both dogs.  This was Crosby’s first bath and the first time we have bathed Daphne in years (we usually rely on a groomer but Grace wants to learn to do this on her own).

Began watching Gilmore Girls season 1 on Netflix.
Watched the current episode of Amazing Race.

Grace volunteered Monday and worked Wednesday.  
Tuesday night we got very little sleep due to a very restless dog and a stormy night.  Wednesday night Greg’s sisters came over to meet Crosby so I let the girls sleep as late as they wanted Thursday morning.

Lilah is hosting a Halloween party.  She created the Evite invitation and ordered, downloaded, printed and began organizing a group mystery game.

Opening night for Alexander movie.  NEVER going to an opening night again.  We are so spoiled being able to go to movies during the day when everyone is in school.  I forgot how awful it is to watch a movie in a full theater of talking people.


Diane Knecht said...

That puppy is so precious. Love me some Gilmore Girls. I have watched it through completely 2-3 times. Looking forward to doing it again now that it is on Netflix. Wish Grace shared in my love of this show.

Jessica said...

My Grace loves it. We are only a few episodes in and she hopes it stays sweet. She does not like when shows suddenly turn very mature (like Switched at Birth did). She would like us to have a show to enjoy together.

The puppy is super cute. Now that he is adjusting to living in a family he is really taking hold of my heart.

Anonymous said...

I would have been upset about the stripper comment and had to explain it too. I hate it when we are watching the amazing race and some sort of Viagra commercial comes on! DTBLE

Anonymous said...

Love the puppy! And I know it's hard:/ But that quote is perfect...and I needed to read it after a little whining on my part this week about how hard our day to day life is some of the time!

And the Disney movie, oh my goodness...that's just ridiculous and unneccessary!

Jessica said...

We got cable after a 2 year break so Greg could watch football. This is the first time we have watched the race weekly. Usually we watch past seasons on Hulu. I agree. Commercials for medications and movies are awful!

Jessica said...

Oh Jenn, You are entitled to a moment of whining! I am not. You have three times the energy and work that I have right now!

Karen said...

Yes I good reminder Jess. I am so glad Crosby is doing better. We wanted to see that movie because it looks so cute. I hate 'kids' movies that they feel the need to insert 'adult' humor into. GG is just the best but she does get older. Great week as always.

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