Monday, November 24, 2014

Good Stuff

I am happy to report that after taking a dose of activated charcoal, I started feeling better which led me to believe I picked up a nasty bacteria somewhere in my daily travels and did not catch a mutation of Greg’s virus.  

As I went through the photos on my phone I realized that some pretty good stuff happened last week.  Stuff worth mentioning, even if there is no fancy chart filled with check marks this week.

If there is one thing Crosby is teaching me every day, it’s to look at the positive.  That, and remember it’s about the journey, not the destination.  I thought I had that one covered, but clearly I needed a reminder.  

Every Thursday Grace's friend comes over after school.  Every Thursday they practice sign language.  Lately she has even been partnering with Grace for Algebra since she is a little bit ahead of where we are in school.  This week Grace was able to share her knowledge of music theory and give a hand with Chorus homework.  

Our dinner at the shelter.  Always an evening to remember.  

My Faith Formation class is going very very well.  I love having Grace as an assistant.  Last week we built a marshmallow representation of the Tower of Babel with the 3rd grade class.

 We attended another dog agility trial.

I took a few moments to myself before a meeting at church.

Grace crammed in the last few pages of her book before running off to book club,

We finished A Christmas Memory and loved it.

We picked our next book club selection.  Book club is a bit harder now.  We have group of 6 girls and they all have pretty strong preferences in book choices.  I always know who will pick realistic fiction, who will pick fantasy, etc.  It is really not working to bring in 5-6 books to vote on because the vote is always split and someone ends up reading a book that they don't want to read.  The goal of book club was not to fit in books that would go on a high school transcript. It was to have a shared reading experience with peers for pleasure.  When the vote was split, I made the decision to set them free in the book store with 15 minutes to spend looking for a book they could all agree upon.  I thought this might be an impossible task but within 5 minutes they had their choice.  They are going to read this and create a vision board to share at the next meeting which will be in early January.

Ah Crosby.  This dog.  He reminds me of the nursery rhyme "there was a little girl who had a little curl.......because when he is good he is very very good but when he is bad, he is horrid."


Jen Dunlap said...

I'm glad you are feeling better and glad you had a few moments to yourself at the beach!! Happy Thanksgiving!

Karen said...

This is so much GOOD stuff. I'm glad you are feeling better Jess. I always love seeing your pictures and watching your weeks unfold with so much beauty and learning and fun!!

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