Saturday, November 22, 2014

sickness derailed us

Greg picks up little viruses every so often working in New York.  He was home Wednesday with a whopping cold that put him in bed for the day.  He is better and returned to work Thursday but still has a lingering cough rattling his chest.  I never worry because I never catch these viruses.  Never.  

I have not been sick in bed for years. It happens so rarely that I can clearly remember the last time - the day we visited the Alpaca Farm and I came home with a high fever and a migraine like headache, body aches and chills.  I stayed in bed to 2 days.  

Thursday I was going through my normal routine of dog training, a way overdue endocrinologist appointment, picking Grace’s friend up from school, and a religious education meeting at church in the evening.  My stomach felt a bit off, but I did not pay it much mind.   I was clearly not at 100% but I figured I was just a bit off that day.  

Friday I woke to the same type of illness I had mentioned above.  Fever. Chills, Aches, Headache.  Stomachache.  The girls brought me water and they took care of a very hard to manage puppy, and they made breakfast, lunch and dinner.  The watched Christmas Movies and they put all the return address labels on my Christmas Cards.  They baked yummy treats that I was too sick to try.  They watched The Amazing Race when Greg got home.  Took care of the rabbit and got a glimpse into hard hard it can be to run a house, care for pets, and manage homeschooling.

Sickness derailed us this week.  Sometimes this happens and there is no use crying over the fact that vocab was not done or science was forgotten about.  All I can right now is heal my body and pray that the girls do not come down with anything that would affect our Thanksgiving holiday week.


Mary Prather said...

Sounds like it was a chance for your girls to SHINE. I pray you are feeling better -- sick mom is NO fun. Hugs, Jess, and happy Thanksgiving!

Diane Knecht said...

I can really identify, only mine lasted for an entire week. I never get sick either. Last week I was down for the count for 7 straight days, now Grace has it and we are also hoping that it is gone by Thursday and that Scott doesn't get it. Hoping you guys staying healthy and have a great holiday week.

Tereza Crump said...

I was thinking of you this week with all that snow falling in your area. I am sorry you are sick. I wrote a post about that how when we as mom are down our kids can take over and we can see how successful our kids are becoming. No books meant they were learning life skills instead. :) Get rested.

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