Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Table of Contents

I am using this slowdown from sickness and the Thanksgiving holiday to get the girls academic binders prettied up.  

On Facebook I read that colleges will frequently ask for not only the names of textbooks used (if they are not listed in course descriptions) but also the table of contents from those textbooks.  Imagine having to do this for four years worth of work!  I cannot.  That would induce instant panic.  I have been going through the books we are using and photocopying the cover page and the table of contents and adding these to the binders.  This fall the girls completed two text books in American Sign Language.  

In addition to the two texts (a third will be added in January when the group class resumes), Grace read three fictional books by Marlee Matlin.  When I sit down to write the course description, I will add these, and every video they have watched as well.  To help me remember which books were read for which content area, I created a spreadsheet which I can sort by title, author or subject area.   A friend of mine was given this suggestion from a Lee Binz webinar and shared it with me.  At the end of the year I will print the 9th grade list and keep each, 9th-12th, in her master portfolio.  


dstb said...

Thanks for these great ideas. I had forgotten about copying the table of contents. Besides the title of the text we used, I also keep the ISBN, but if I had passed the book on, I may not be able to get a list of the contents. Something to do after the holiday.

I hope you have a very nice Thanksgiving!

Karen said...

These are looking so awesome and I am a little freaking out. I haven't done any of this!! EEP. You always are so organized Jess.

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