Sunday, November 2, 2014

Weekly Accomplishments October 26th - November 2nd


First high school credit completed!
Grace has reached 120 hours in her internship (not counting hours she was paid to work).  This includes her volunteer hours, the time she spend shadowing our groomer, the time she spent learning how to groom and cut nails, time spent in dog training class, time spent watching movies and documentaries, time she spent baking homemade organic dog treats and does not include the time she spent reading as I keep a book list (7 books to date), but find it impossible to track hours spent reading. This also does not include the hours she has spent creating and updating her Instagram account and the time she spent learning how to take and edit photos.

(our academic year runs from July 1 through June 30.  Grace’s internship began July 5, 2014)
Both Grace and Lilah completed what her teacher is calling ASL I but is technically ASL II for the girls.  They completed 100% of their book and both received a certificate of completion.  Their teacher will be grading them and writing a review of their performance in class.  

This class included both children and adults and families of Deaf children who need to increase their communication skills.  It is taught by a Deaf instructor who is assisted by her Deaf husband and fluent teenage daughter.  I am proud of my girls for completing this challenging class in 10 weeks.

They will receive private instruction while the class in on hiatus for the holidays until it resumes in January with an even more challenging text to learn!  
Lilah: Lesson 17: Division in your head
Grace: Lesson 25: More than 2 Operations 

Language Arts
All three of us completed the book for our monthly book club: Summer of the Gypsy Moths.  Book club was held Wednesday at our house.  Our November book selection is:

Vocabulary:  Viewed lesson #2 Word Up!  Scribe and Graph - Greek and Latin for Write.  

Quotes: I have no special talent.  I am only passionately curious. ~ Albert Einstein
Live as if you were to die tomorrow.  Learn as if you were to live forever. ~ Mahatma Ghandi

Writing Group - last week focused on poetry before we switch to a 4 week memoir study.

We need to finish Around the World in 80 Days before Kris gets home from her trip to Italy.  We are 1/2 way done.  Mr. Fog has arrived in Hong Kong and will be embarking the Japan leg of his trip next.  I will be sad when this book comes to an end.  Both girls completed up to page 18 in their study guide.  
Read items #1, #2  and #3 in A History of the World in 100 Objects.  Listened to podcast #1 and #2.  Completed a double journal entry for each item.  Visited the Peabody Museum of Natural History at Yale to view their mummy and see replicas of ancient tools discovered in Tanzania.

Girls read #3 Olduvai Handaxe independently and created their own journal entry and put a copy of the picture into their journal. We watched Nature Parks:  SERENGETI & NGORONGORO Tanzania 2007 NR
and girls filled up the other side of their double journal entry with information they found fascinating from this 45 min documentary which took us well over and hour with all the stopping and discussing.  We also realized that season 20 of The Amazing Race visited the nature reserve and spend time with the Maasai People.  We are going to go back and rewatch this episode.
Grace watched a Hurricane Sandy 2 Year Review on The Weather Channel.
Science Shepherd Week 9: Geology.  Came across theory that Man and Dinosaurs cohabited the earth and looked up verse in Job 40:15-26.  Spoke with our Priest to get his thoughts on this.
Grace competed in Fox Crossing Equestrian Center’s Benefit Show supporting breast cancer research on Sunday, October 26th.  She brought home two beautiful pink ribbons, but more importantly, she learned some important life lessons about competition, fairness and good sportsmanship.

Both girls worked on walking and trotting with no stirrups.  This is to help them work on their flaws, improve their position, and strengthen their balance. It was hard and they were sore!
Worked for hours with Halloween Drawing Book by Ralph Masiello.  This drawing kept them busy for hours!  

Grace is frantically trying to finish Secrets for her recital.  This weekend she is playing with her teacher’s piano club for fun.  She brushed up on some older songs to play when they all get together.  Lilah has one song completed and is working to finish Walking on Sunshine.  The girls had an extra lesson Thursday morning for more review.

Grace played at the monthly mass which happened to include a baptism!
Crosby is working on down in his training class (which technically falls under Grace’s internship, see above).  

I am reprising my former job of Religious Education Teacher, this time in 6th grade.  There are big changes taking place at my church and after the departure of two catechists, I was asked to help.  Time was spent researching curriculum and attending a meeting with our priest and other catechists who have come back to help out.

We went to Rockin Jump, a new indoor trampoline park for some PE time.  Two hours jumping, flipping and laughing make for very tired girls!

Lilah sewed herself a skirt and watched an episode of Project Runway and Threads (the kids version of this show).  I hope she find the need to improve her craft and resume sewing lessons for things like sewing a hem, installing a zipper and pleating and draping.  


Sandra said...

Fantastic to have some high school credits completed so early in the year. It's amazing what our kids can do when they are free to follow their interests. I must follow up on your history course,. I started listening to the podcasts a while back and for some reason (probably got busy with other things) I totally forgot about them.

Jessica said...

I was a bit worried that this way of approaching high school would not be "enough" or would not be "hard enough" but now that I see how it is working and what is coming to fruition, it's exciting to thing what 4 years of high school will look like in this house.

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