Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Art Journaling: ArtforKidsHub.com

We have carved out a little time each week to open our sketchbooks and resume art journaling.  Unfortunately I don’t have the time between preparing things for the girls’ lessons, home projects we have going on right now and a large religious ed project I am coordinating, to be super artistic.  With artforkidshub.com I don’t have to create a whole concept for a journal page.  

Last week we used the adorable Santa tutorial and each girl put her own unique spin on it.  Grace likes hers to look as close to the model as possible.  Lilah always changes hers to make it unique.  We used the white space around Santa’s head to write anything that came to mind.  With Santa, the possibilities are endless.  Grace wrote about Christmas Eve.  Lilah ripped up scrap book paper and make a simple mosaic on the white space.  On the larger pieces she wrote Christmas memories and traditions.  We had two friends join us this week which made the experience even more fun!

While squeezing this time in between dog training class and our weekly 2:00 visit from Grace’s friend is hard, it is worth it.  The girls love to look back through their old sketchbooks and read through their thoughts from years past and look at how their writing has developed and matured.


Karen said...

This is something I REALLY want to do. I told Keilee the next time she Art Journaled I wanted to try this site. I love these Santa's!!!

Mary Prather said...

So beautiful! Grant LOVES Art for Kids --- we've been using it for over a year. He can sit for HOURS with his Sharpies and the iPad and a sketch pad!

Great pages, Jess!

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