Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Art Journaling: Snowflakes and Sheet Music

I love love love that we are back to art journaling.  We have been able to squeeze in some time that we previously carved out for pottery class.  It is a simple journaling session.  Two of our friends come over and we work on a page.  This week we combined our love of Christmas music with our love of Doodle Draw Art tutorials on YouTube.  

This is a very simple page.
Create a boarder with Sharpie Markers.

Rip the edges of the sheet music and glue to the sketchbook page.

Draw the snowflake and outline in black Sharpie.

Mod Podge over the page.
Color in the snowflake using Sharpie.  

We used the oil based Sharpies which are very opaque.  Regular Sharpies over Mod Podge will allow the background to show through.
Write a favorite quote using Sharpie.

When we pick back up in January, we will take a trip to our favorite art supply store to stock up on some supplies.  It has been so long since we have had friends over for journaling that we need to replenish some of our key journaling supplies.

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Karen said...

This is beautiful Jess. I got Keilee some oil based Sharpies for Christmas and told her you had told me about them. She said after using them, "Please tell Jess thank you. These are amazing". I'm so glad you are all finding time to Art Journal!!

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