Friday, December 19, 2014

Natural Science Illustration Class

My last post talked about how this is the first year that our classes have extended far into December.  Despite being busy, traveling to New Haven and Hamden and Seymour, dinners on the go, early mornings, and traffic stress, there is a payoff that I was not expecting -- the joy of completion!  

Natural Science Illustration 
at The Peabody Museum at Yale University
5 weeks - 7.5 hours.  Does not count travel time (some homeschoolers do, but we do not because this is when we listen to audiobooks and file that time under language arts)

Imagine having an entire museum at your fingertips.  Imagine having a fantastic instructor who is head of art at this fine museum. 

The focus of this class is natural science illustration: line, shape, shading, perspective, form.    Each week the kids gather in the auditorium for a lecture.  One week it was on how to draw an eye.  Another is was how to capture space.  The instructor obviously loves what he does because he is able to connect with each child on his or her level and while I did not hang around to watch the class, I did overhear his critiques with my daughters at the end of the class and they were positive yet constructive.  His guidance immediately improved their technique.  

As this was only a 5 week course, there was no way to capture items in every museum collection.  They limited themselves to the Great Hall

the birds

and the North American mammals.

I love that this class showed Lilah that there are times when taking a class and having an expert guide you and instruct you is valuable.  

I love that this class showed Grace that she is an artist.  She may not love to draw and she may not draw for pleasure, but she can no longer say that she can’t draw.


Phyllis Bergenholtz said...

Wow. That is incredible!

Karen said...

I'm sitting here catching up and I just can not believe all the things you do. It is amazing. I love this and I know Keilee would love something like this. Drawing is one of the very few things she gets frustrated about. She always says she can not draw because she compares it to a finished product that someone else has done. What a great experience for Grace and Lilah.

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