Tuesday, March 24, 2015


We are back and we are settled and a week has gone by which has thrown us right back into the routine of our life.  We had horseback riding and piano and sign language.  I worked in the home to prepare for some major renovations happening soon and I worked outside our home at church.  We went to the Living Stations of the Cross Friday night and a Celtic Women concert Saturday night.  There were moments of longing for sunshine and warmth, especially when 6 fresh inches of snow fell. There were longings for lazy mornings, especially when Grace went to volunteer at the kennel.  And there were longings for walks on the beach in search of the perfect shell.  That one, however, we can satisfy here in Connecticut.

The beaches are certainly not as pristine.  The water is not as blue.  The sand is not as soft.  It is easy to fall prey to envy and forget to find the beauty in what our town has to offer.  We do have miles of beaches along Long Island Sound and those beaches contain marine life.  

After church on Sunday, Greg had the brilliant idea to pop over to our town’s beachfront dining establishment for family breakfast.  We watched barges pass and the seagulls and Canadian Geese float by.  And for a few blissful minutes, Greg and I enjoyed our last sips of coffee while the girls combed the beach.  

They found some amazing treasures.  Shells that we are not used to finding on our beaches.  This passion of shelling has turned from just an interest, to a true passionate exploration of science.  We are learning habitats, ecology, geography, marine biology, zoology, art, technology, research, record keeping, photography, and the use of the Internet to enhance learning.  

We cannot find many documentaries on shells.  However, there are hundreds of YouTube videos in which people who share our same interest teach.  It is up to us to verify the information, which we can do through our growing collection of books about shells.  

This family project will lead us into spring and summer.  Last night we were all talking about how we could be like Storm Chasers, only we chase the tide after a storm seeking the remnants of what was churned up by the powerful surf.  We have easy access to beaches from Delaware to Maine to explore.  Heck, Rhode Island and New Jersey are just 90 minutes away!  We have never explored New Jersey beaches or Rhode Island beaches........and now that we have a dog sitter who loves our crazy puppy, overnight ventures have become possible again.


Diane Knecht said...

It is wonderful that your family has found something you can all be passionate about.

Karen said...

I'm with Diane. I love that you have found something the entire family can do together. I love your shells and you have gotten me interested in something I have never been interested in before. I can't believe the beautiful shells you found so close to home!

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