Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Discover Learning

Without a schedule or set plans we were free to discover the beaches according to the tides.  We visited most.  Blind Pass, Bowman’s, Gulfside City Park, and our favorite Lighthouse Beach.  In New England our family hobby is collecting sea glass.  In Florida it is shelling.  In New England we are on the constant lookout for red sea glass and in Florida our eyes strain looking for the rarer shells, like the Alphabet Cone, Horse Conch and of course, the Junonia. 

We discovered more in the warm waters than I anticipated. 

Grace discovered she loves photography, especially with her Go Pro camera.  I was amazed at the sharpness and the color quality she captured.  I even like the fish eye lens she uses.  She took it everywhere and has plans to make a video of our vacation to put up on Youtube.

Lilah discovered she really likes keeping journals.  At home she fills journal after journal but we have never had much success with our travel journals.  I plan them, lug the art supplies with me and we start them but they come home half full (or half empty).  This year was very different.  I did not pack their travel journals and supplies.  They did.  They requested to stop at every single state Visitor’s Center from VA to FL.  And we did.  The wrote and wrote and wrote.  At the condo, Grace would relax with some television or take a walk on the beach and Lilah would curl up in her favorite chair on the lanai and write.  Her journal is truly wonderful and something she will have forever and always.  

Lest Grace get upset, she also kept a travel journal jam packed with information like tide charts, beaches, beach reviews, shops we visited, best ice cream, etc.  She could publish it as a travel guide of Sanbel from a teen’s perspective.

Discovery.  We are always learning.


Pamela said...

What a lovely vacation. Thank you for sharing it on here.

The photos your daughter took with her GoPro are beautiful! My son has been asking for one and we are considering getting him one for his birthday next month. If you don't mind me asking, which model does she have? I keep reading reviews and I can't figure out if it is worth it to go for the 4 or if the 3+ is fine.

Jessica said...

She has the GoPro Hero 3+ Black. You need to purchase the Samsung Extreme 64GB micro sd card for the Hero 3+ black. This insures the best video/picture quality. She tried a regular card and the video kept breaking up. With her own money she has purchased the chest mount, the three way (tripod/selfie stick), a dog harness, and several helmet mounts. The accessories add up. She would love the LCD attachment but it costs $80. This would allow you to actually see what you are filming. Right now she is pointing and clicking, there is no viewfinder. The beauty in that is some very candid moments are captured - like me looking at shells on the beach. She still has to put together her vacation video, which I will share here. The video takes up a great deal of computer memory. We need to start saving to an external drive or flash drive.

I hope this helps!

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