Friday, June 12, 2015

Hurt Go Happy

I try very hard to be intentional with our time.  We spend a great deal of time in the car.  We drive 25 minutes to Grace’s barn for riding.  We drive 30 minutes to piano lessons.  We drive 20 minutes to glass class.  This time adds up and to waste it on pop music is a shame.  Sometimes we listen to Joel Osteen, especially if it is one of those days.  Most of the time we listen to an audiobook.  

I stumbled across this one on Audible.  It is infused with ASL and Deaf culture and was the perfect accompaniment to the girl’s second year of ASL.  My girls knew all the ASL signs they referred to and they would show me what they look like while we were driving.  We spent a morning at the library researching ASL and apes including the famous apes like Koko.  We learned how much of this book was based on the real life accomplishments of teaching apes to sign.  The girls learned the complicated issues surrounding product testing on animals from rats and mice to chimpanzees.  We debated the ethics involved in this.    Even though their ASL II class has ended, the learning continues. 

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