Friday, June 19, 2015

Monmouth Park Racetrack - Family Day

We took the girls to Monmouth Park Racetrack’s Family Day to see the horses run.  Boy do they run.  The girls have never seen horses run so fast, except on television.  I asked their trainer if horses in lessons ever get to a full gallop and she said rarely.  A lesson horse has a gallop stride of 12-14 feet.  Depending on the course, a horse and rider may gallop a few strides to get to a jump quickly, but usually this only happens in larger horse shows.  American Pharaoh has a stride of 24 feet.  Simply amazing.  I know my girls aspire to gallop and I wonder if someday we will take a trip out west to a ranch where they can ride through open land and not be confined to the wooden fence posts of a lesson ring.......

Grace aspires to be a great photographer.  She can be seen with my Canon more often than I am!  We have plans to take advantage of great classes offered by a local camera shop in the fall.  She is also going to begin a photography portfolio.  

Grace’s pictures of our day:

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