Monday, July 13, 2015

Art Glass Fusion

When I look back at homeschooling the past 6 years, there are several memories that stand out:
  • Traveling to Chicago with just the girls.
  • Our New York City day for Harriet the Spy
  • Our very first not back to school day.
  • Soundwaters
  • Classes at the Audubon
  • Our mega group share of fairy tales in writing group

These are just a few.  So many more came to mind, like having a tour when my mom used to work for West Elm, traveling to Plymouth Plantation, Romeo and Juliet at Hudson Valley Shakespeare, Marine Science Consortium, etc.  

These things all have something in common.  They are all experiences.  It is very hard to have an experience with your nose inside of a textbook.  This spring the girls took a class that most certainly is part of this list.  Art Glass Fusion.  It took Grace 10 hours to complete this project.  Lilah’s needed slightly less time.  The results are spectacular and will hopefully last a lifetime.


Diane Knecht said...

Beautiful! That looks like so much fun!

Karen said...

As beautiful as your pictures were when I followed along on Instagram I was totally blown away by the finished product. These are breathtaking.

Jessica said...

They loved it. Right now the lamps are living on my old piano until the construction is finished upstairs. I can't wait to see them in their bedrooms.

Jessica said...

They did come out stunning. All the lamps did, well, the ones I saw at the shop anyway. This definitely taught the girls more about patience and perseverance and even about letting go of perfection and letting the pieces come together as they may. I really hope we can do something with this shop in the fall - an older class just for teens.

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