Saturday, July 25, 2015

Figuring It Out

When I was a teen I thought I would be a buyer for Bloomingdales and travel to Italy for the Fashion Week shows buying clothes with other people’s money.  I did not have a clue what to do to meet this goal, except learn Italian.  So I took two years of Italian in college and realized that my brain does not process a foreign language with ease.  My professor chuckled when I replied to a very basic question mostly in Spanish with some Italian thrown in for good measure.  The anxiety of speaking got the better of me and I skipped my oral final relying on my book work to carry me through.  Needless to say, I am not fluent in Italian and by senior year I really wanted to work in a non-profit doing good in the world but could not find a job despite sending out resume and cover letter after resume and cover letter.  I took the first job I was offered through a temp agency which gave me money to buy a car and then found a job I really did enjoy at an international relocation company where I stayed until I figured out the boss was a jerk and moved on.  Eventually I switched careers, became a teacher, taught for 5 years before leaving to stay home with the girls.  Now I am no longer a certified teacher, but teach my own daughters and volunteer at church heading the religious education program.  

My point?  How do we know when we have it all figured out?  Why do we expect kids in high school to declare college majors and fill an academic resume with laser precision on a career they are years away from attaining?  I get the concept of well roundedness and I get the validity of focusing in on specific areas.  My girls have interest and talents and I often wonder which one they will decide to specialize in.

For example Lilah has always wanted to own a bakery.  We see cute cupcake food trucks and she wishes for one.  She baked yummy treats but does not want to take outside classes in cake decorating and baking.  She wants to be a self-made baker.  I disagree with this route, but she is not yet 13, so I don’t push.  She is a crafter and artist and make some money from her Etsy shop, she opened when she was 11.  She did very well at a craft fair and thought she might pursue this when she is older too.  Right now she is very into photography and she has an eye for it.  She was the family photographer at my Aunt’s annual pool party/family reunion.  She takes time to capture just the right shot and spends hours and hours on the computer editing and bringing the photo to life.  

My hope is to do more with photography since this is something that Grace, Lilah and I all share an interest in.  We are fortunate to have a great camera shop near us that offers reasonably priced classes in all areas of photography.  I’m looking forward to seeing what family moments they capture this year.

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Karen said...

I love this. Why indeed do we expect kids to have it 'all figured out'. Lord knows I still don't. Keilee has always loved photography. I had a halfway decent point and shoot Canon but it broke so all she has is her iPhone. I LOVE Lilah's shots!!!!!

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