Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Prospect Lake

Some days are so perfect that all you can really do it sit back and revel in the wonderfulness.  We needed a day like this.  Our summer looks fun in pictures but behind the scenes there is stress from construction, and many days have been spent at home dealing with no show subcontractors, a puppy who is frustrated being on leash in his own house, and being together 24/7 due to my reluctance with leaving the girls in the house while men are working.  

When we were invited to join friends at their lake side cabin they rented for the week we were touched that they would share a bit of their family vacation with us.  Grateful does not begin to explain how we felt at the end of this day.  Grateful for friends, for the opportunity to do things we rarely get to do, like paddle boarding, grateful for lunch over the campfire and favorite desserts, for conversation and laughter and smiles that come easily and last a long time.  For memories made that will come home with us and live on until the next time we are able to share a day together.

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