Monday, August 31, 2015

Another year is underway

We have eased ourselves back into the “school year” slowly.  This is what our year “should” look like:

Grace - 10th Grade.  Crazy.  10th Grade.
Math - finishing up algebra (we switched our curriculum from Teaching Textbooks to Key To mid year and we are on target to begin Geometry in January 2016).  We are using Key To Algebra by McGraw-Hill.
Science - Apologia Biology
History - Dave Raymond’s American History (available through Compass Classroom.) She will receive a full credit for American History and a 1/2 credit for Civil Rights studies as an elective.
Language Arts - full credit for One Year Adventure Novel.  
Piano - year 6
American Sign Language - year 3
Horse Back Riding - year 2
Possible 1/2 credit in photography if she completes a few more classes.  We are looking at an online class and walking photography tours of NYC.
Babysitting, book club, and Classroom Assistant for K/1 Religious Education at church which is a weekly commitment of 3 1/2 hours.   This month she received adult certification for First Aid/CPR.

12th Night in early August
Studying the Underground Railroad beginning with a house in our town.

Finding her next piano piece


Working on Biology while waiting for a foot x-ray.  She's fine.  Just a bruise.

Writing Group began!

Lilah - 8th grade.  My baby just turned 13 and is in 8th grade.  I am not one to fret over the process of growing up, in fact, I look forward to them becoming more independent and discovering more about themselves each year.
Math - TBD
Language Arts - she will receive a high school credit for OYAN.
Science - Apologia’s General Science
History - Dave Raymond’s American History (also a high school credit although her work load may be modified and she may have supplementary work to do in the future to complete her credit) and 1/2 credit of high school for Civil Rights studies.  
ASL - year 3
Horseback Riding - year 2
Other involvement with book club, resurrection of a baking club, babysitting.  She also received her adult certification in First Aid/CRP.

This is how we see Lilah lately.

Preparing for 12th Night by watching a BBC animated adaptation. 
Participating in a summer-long artist trading card challenge.


Late night working in her favorite workbook

Learning how to use PicMonkey


Karen said...

We can not wait to see your year unfold AND be a part of some of it. :)

Jessica said...

Same here Karen!!!

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