Sunday, August 30, 2015

Cape Cod Traditions

Sometimes when you flip through Facebook or Instagram you see lots of family traditions from back to school to birthday to holidays.  More than once Greg has asked me if our family has enough traditions.  I’ll admit, we don’t turn everything into a celebration, but we do have certain things that are particicular to just us.  Like on Christmas morning the girls are not able to open one gift until I have made a cup of coffee!  That and my homemade cinnamon rolls.  Or Christmas Eve mass with Grace playing the piano.  Or decorated birthday tables.  Or Not Back to School Days.  And most certainly Cape Cod.

Bike Rides

Family Selfies
 Exploring fun little shops
Time spent with the youngest cousin (these are urchins) 
Handstands.  Always handstands. 
 This is our second year recreating this picture.  First year with the butt dance!
Seals in Chatham 
 Chatham Fish Market

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