Friday, August 21, 2015

Crosby Beach

For every and always we would vacation in Harwichport.  We had our beach and our neighborhood and for two weeks a year we were not tourists, we were just summer guests.  Harwichport is lovely, with a lovely Main Street filled with jewelry stores, book shops, restaurants and toy stores.  But it boarders a town that is in the news all the time if you are following names like Katherine, Mary and Mara.  Having their grand babies in the waters so close to these amazing creatures would not allow for a restful vacation so we moved to the bay side, to Brewster.

When the tide retreats, it leaves behind sandbar after sandbar stretching out unimaginably into the bay.  It seems like you can walk for miles and never reach deep waters.  The colors are Caribbean blue and green and the sand is soft and the water is warm.  The best thing though?  Those sand bars are jam packed with sea creatures from fish, to hermit crabs, to spider crabs to nasty blue crabs.  This year for the first time we walked among what we believe were sand sharks.   They were dogfish, a name given to small sharks by fisherman because of their behavior to hunt fish in packs.  

Life is good at the beach.  

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