Monday, August 24, 2015


This week away was a welcomed break.  It was slow.  It was simple.  One night Lilah and Greg went on a bike ride and Grace really wanted to take her GoPro to the beach and capture the stunning sunsets we were experiencing.

We went about 45 minutes before mother nature begin her evening matinee.  We staked out of perfect spot.  She was ready and then, just as the sun was dipping, about a dozen other people rushed to the exact same spot we were in.  I was flabbergasted.  Honestly people, with miles and miles of coastline, why would you block a photographer’s view?  It was beyond inconsiderate, but we adjusted and found our new most perfect spot.  

(These are unedited with my iPhone.)

When the sun made its decent past the horizon and left us with a cotton candy pink glow, the crowds cheered.  I guess that made up for their crowding us out of our spot.  It was a special moment that I will forever cherish.  

I love how Grace can capture still moments with a camera meant for capturing the most intense moments.  She takes pictures of sand and surf while others are using it to capture runs down a mountain or the intensity of skydiving.  She captures marine life while others are capturing life whizzing by at unimaginable speeds.  I am so glad we took this moment to just stop.  To just be. To marvel at nature and participate in the moment of glory that was given to us from the Almighty Creator.

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These are such beautiful captures.

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