Tuesday, September 1, 2015


On my Instagram someone commented that it is nice that Lilah still likes American Girl at 13. 

I think our society rewards teens who look like women.  "Role models" are Kylie Jenner, who at the tender age of 18, has already had plastic surgery and dresses like she is ready for a nightclub, which she is not old enough to enter legally.  Girls wear shorts so short they are truly indecent, and then complain when school officials ask them to go home and change.  13 year olds I know are wearing so much makeup they are unrecognizable and I cannot connect the face I see with the one I taught the year before in Sunday School.  Then there is Lilah, who does not attend school, and does not have the same influences affecting her day to day choices.  She is a thirteen year old girl who is part child, part young lady.  She wears Burt's Bees lip gloss and yes, still plays with American Girl Dolls and I am so very okay with that!

For her birthday we went to New York City to visit the AG store.  We have been doing this since the girls were pushed here in their double stroller.  It is always fun and it is always an adventure.  This year Lilah brought my camera since she has been practicing her photography skills on her dolls and has taken some lovely portraits of her girls.  She is also blogging again at her blog, A World Of Magic.  

I love watching my girls grow up and will never rush them to grow into what the world wants to see.  My wish is that they grow up to be who God wants them to be, kind, loving, patient, caring, creative, intelligent, respectful girls who find joy and peace and happiness in life.


In the blink of an eye.

Happy Birthday my sunshine girl.


  1. Yes YES YES!! I so love this. What a lovely day and a lovely girl. ( Well 2 lovely girls) :)

  2. Happy Birthday Lilah!
    I love that as a homeschooled child, my daughter (5) has the freedom to be herself.


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