Monday, September 28, 2015

15 part II

One wonderful thing about keeping a blog is you can scroll through the history and see what is important to your family at any given time.  This year it is very clear to see our main interest is horses and horseback riding.  We have ridden at multiple farms, watched thoroughbreds run, and held our breath as jumpers cleared rails.  The pictures tell our story.  

Not too long ago one of our family hobbies was shelling.  We fell away from it a bit, partly because what do you do with all the shells you collect?  There are only so many glass jars one can fill.  But we love the thrill of searching for that rare find.  Shelling is calming, peaceful, introspective and brings you into harmony with nature.  When Grace asked if we could go shelling on her birthday, a warm 80 degree Sunday, we said of course.  

Shelling is part of who we are as a family and I have to make sure that our time together is not so full of mundane things that we lose this interest.  I think it may be time for a fall shelling day trip.  

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