Friday, September 18, 2015


Photography began as a hobby and is turning into a half credit or more for the girls.  Hours have been spent photographing, learning PicMonkey, a subscription photo editing website, learning to print at a local photography shop, downloading and completing fair entry applications, and preparing the matting for the photos that were selected.  

The beauty of being home is that we have time to visit the shop and talk to the knowledgeable staff about what we are doing and seek out their advice.  They spent an hour in the shop this week receiving a lesson on the Olympus and Sony mirrorless cameras with wifi connectivity and special editing capabilities.   The very best part is that the staff does not speak to them like children.  They do not dumb down information or assume because the are teens they are not capable of comprehending complicated information.  They are treated as fellow photographers.  

The result is that they see the world through the eye of a photographer, which is something I credit Instagram for.  For my girls, photography and Instagram is not about followers.  Their personal accounts are private and have far fewer followers than their peers who attend school.  They each have a public account, Grace for her photography, and Lilah for her crafting, but we don’t allow "selfies" except on occasion and they truly want to showcase the beauty in the world around them.  I find it fascinating.  

Photography is interest led.  I will do what I can to support them by finding free classes online, taking them to the store and on photography walks.  I will help them with the organization that is required for a fair entry and the transportation to get pictures where they need to be according to deadlines.  But for the most part, this is their thing.  It  is a possible career option and I hope they learn as much possible and have the courage and determination it would take to create a career in the arts.

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Karen said...

When we were at 3rd Friday we saw Keilee's photography teacher from Co-op a couple of years ago. He is opening a photography shop and I told him we would come look around. I love this post and all the amazing things your girls are learning about such a wonderful variety of things.

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