Wednesday, September 30, 2015


What do kids do when they are in school and come down with a serious illness?  How can a high school student take the time necessary to recover and heal when he or she must be worried about missing classes and accumulating hours and hours of make up work?  Do they return to school before they’re ready, risking their own well being and that of others?   

Grace would have missed the past week and a half of high school.  She has never ever been so sick, not even when she had the flu.  After five days of a fever ranging from 100 to 103, a cough, ear ache, sore throat, chills, and horrible fatigue, three doctors visits, and a trip to the walk in clinic, we finally received a diagnosis of pneumonia.  Pneumonia.  

This is not something she is bouncing back from easily.  She is fighting hard to get better.  She does a lesson and takes a nap.  She showers and gets dressed and takes a nap.  She has several days left of antibiotics but thankfully she is off the cough medicine with codeine.  Every time I see her face pale, or her eyes close, I am so grateful that we can attend doctors appointments without getting excused absences.  She can sleep at will, rising at 8:30 am if she wants, napping at noon and after putting in some time for lessons, go to bed at her normal time of 10:30pm.  The can do her lessons when she is able and not have the worry about make up work, grades and missed exams.

All normal activity has been on hold while she is sick.  Unfortunately Lilah does not enjoy staying home alone so she has schlepped back and forth to the doctor.  She had to cancel riding lessons because I could not leave Grace home alone as sick as she was.  Piano was cancelled as were two babysitting jobs.  Friends could not come to visit on their normal day and both girls missed a horse show they were very excited about because I was home alone the weekend it was held.  Lilah filled her days with baking, blogging, Facetiming, reading and photography.  Grace slept.  

She gets winded walking up a flight of stairs.  Today a doctor told us to expect a 2 - 3 month recover time and susceptibility to relapse if she is exposed to a virus.  It pains me to see my child so weak when normally she is so strong.  I am thankful this was bacterial, that she responded to antibiotics, and that she will recover.   Day by day she will recover. She will get well.  

Lilah finally got a lesson in this week on JJ.  Grace watched from her rocking chair.

Normally we only listen to audiobooks in the car but this week we began this one at home.  

Lilah took lots of pictures.  We went on a quick trip around the neighborhood so she could shoot on location.

Lilah worked in her confirmation journal while we listened to coverage of the Pope's visit.

I snapped a few pictures of my girl.

Lilah planned her Halloween costume.

She designed a new button for her blog since we share the email and she was tired of her blog being signed with my name.


Diane Knecht said...

So sorry that she has been so sick. I can truly identify both on my behalf (high blood pressure) and Grace's behalf (digestive issues and others) that school sometimes has to go to the back burner in our home. It is very nice to not worry about getting behind. I hope she continues to recover quickly and that the 2-3 month time of rest goes by quickly.

Ritsumei said...

Oh! Poor thing! My husband had pneumonia a while back. It *is* hard to see someone you love so very sick. Here's to hoping that it's a (relatively) quick recovery for her!

Karen said...

I'm so glad Grace is feeling better. I know how hard it is to watch her feeling so bad and not being able to do much. And it is so wonderful that she can recover and take her time and not worry about getting back to school. It looks like you and Lilah had some lovely days though.

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