Sunday, September 20, 2015

Riding Update

We had an interesting summer with riding.  We left our first barn back in May.  We tried a barn just 10 minutes from us and while there were things we loved about it, ultimately it was not the right style and philosophy for the girls and they both found a place where they can grow as riders and find true pleasure in riding.  

However, joining a new farm in summer is tricky because summer camps run for weeks and take away from lesson time.  Add our travel on top of that and there were weeks we did not ride at all.  Now that we are back on a schedule, riding two days a week, the girls want to get back to jumping and Grace wants to participate in shows again.  It has been a year since her last show and she is more than eager to compete.  They have made their goals known and are digging their heals in and doing the hard work to get back into jumping form.

The farm is a place I never feel stress.  I can sit and take in the quiet of what I call Connecticut Country, which is laughable compared to the real country in other places in the USA.  I can hear the cicadas hum and watch the daddy long legs creep by, the dogs roll in grass and the horses graze.  I can exhale deeply and forget about the stresses of my daily life.   There is a part of me that would l-o-v-e to be on a horse and take lessons, but this is not my time.  Someday perhaps, but not now.  

For now it is about them and their relationship with the farm, the trainer and their horses. Soon I will be sitting in a rocking chair with my heavy sweater and cup of tea and I will be very happy.

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Karen said...

Just beautiful. This farm looks so peaceful. I hope it will be all of your 'happy place". Or one of them. :)

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