Friday, December 4, 2015

Thanksgiving in Tennessee

This was our first Thanksgiving away from home.  Usually we spend it at my sisters, with the two of us cooking and drinking wine and forgetting one vegetable or another but this year we when I planned our trip to Alabama, it included a trip to Tennessee for the holiday.  The girls and I left almost a week before Greg, driving to Alabama for the Civil Rights Tour then driving to Tennessee the day before Thanksgiving.  Greg flew down Tuesday night after work so he was able to enjoy an extra day with his family.

Thanksgiving was the first day in a week that we were not on the road in the car traveling to one place or another.  It felt great to lounge in sweats most of the day, dressing for dinner that evening.  The kids baked and cooked and decorated and helped make Thanksgiving come alive. 

Lilah made the jello mold.

They all made gluten free peanut butter balls, which were later dipped in melted chocolate.

There was the corn pudding.

There was Christmas Tree decorating and light stringing.

We closed our visit with a trip to Knoxville to see Christmas Trees decorated and on sale to benefit the children's’ hospital.  Plans were also made for some epic gingerbread decorating.....

Let the holiday season begin!

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Theresa B said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip! I love those trees and gingerbread houses! We went to IKEA yesterday and they were supposed to have gingerbread houses that you could buy and decorate in their restaurant with traditional Swedish candy, but apparently they had "run out"--even though the event started yesterday. Anyway, we now have a lot of ideas for decorating some gingerbread houses as well. We are taking the month off from book learning and throwing ourselves into the holiday season...because how many more years of being able to do that do we have? Bring it on!

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