Thursday, January 21, 2016

OYAN Update

OYAN (One Year Adventure Novel) is moving along.  We slowed down dramatically over the holidays and are now revving back up to power through and complete this curriculum.   My girls approach writing very differently; one loves to write and one hates to write.  Their stories look very different.  Lilah has set a goal for 100 pages and at the close of chapter 5 she is at page 38.  Grace’s goal is simply to write the best story she has ever written and so far she is meeting that goal!  

OYAN’s video lessons keep up on track and moving ahead.  Because we are doing this as part of our writing group, there are four other girls to account for and because I am not their “teacher” it is up to them to find the motivation and perseverance to power through when writer’s block sets in.  If we were doing this solo, I’m not sure we would make it, but the group shares are powerful and transformative.  I have sat at my kitchen table and listened to stories come to life.  I have heard genuine, constructive feedback from their peers and have been amazed when the girls took that feedback, evaluated it and reworked their chapter into a more powerful, dynamic piece of writing.  The process is authentic, positive, supportive and simply thrilling to watch.

We are half-way done.  Chapter seven will be shown this week.  The program is designed to write out of order, focusing on acts, rather than chronological chapters, but due to the writing and learning style of our group, we decided to proceed through the lessons chronologically and it is working for us.  I am so curious to see what their characters have been up to since the last time we met.  This week (chapter 6) they should have experienced a failure.

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