Monday, January 18, 2016


For years and years my girls have asked to snowboard and every year I put it off.  First off, I hate to be cold.  Detest it really.  Once I am chilled, I am chilled all day.  No fire is warm enough to warm me back up.  There is no way I want to snowboard or ski.  

Last year we had bindings put on their snowboards and this year I came across a great rate for a homeschool group at a “mountain” in New York.  The package is for 6 weeks including a 90 minute lesson and full day lift ticket.  We were worried it would not get cold enough for the snowmakers to cover the hill but at the very last minute the weather changed and enough snow was made to open a few runs.  Our experience with homeschoolers is that they are a fickle bunch and the large group (including many teens) who expressed interest when this was initially offered in October, never registered, leaving us with no possible friend connections.  But that’s okay.  Our other classes are full of teens and in reality it is hard to talk during lessons because they are so focused on what they are doing and trying to stay upright.

This was a workout for the girls.  They were sore for days.  Once they get a bit better we will look into the possibility of going more frequently because one of my goals is to give them more opportunities to exercise while having fun.

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  1. Keilee would so love to try snowboarding. Me, I would be with you, by the fire!!! :) I know the girls had a blast.


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