Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Wolf Conservation Center

Like I said in an earlier post, we are signing up for just about everything that includes the word teen so when a post came across my yahoo group for a once a month class at The Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem, NY, I jumped on it.  It is not enough for a stand alone class obviously, but it ties in beautifully to the girls' biology units on ecology.  Rather than worry about a lab for this module, they will have hands on experience with live wolves and learn from conservation experts about the environmental and human issues affecting their habitat and forest ecosystem.  

I found a free lapbook on and we went to the library and took out many books about wolves.  The great thing about lapbooks, is that information is information and you can customize lapbooks to meet the developmental needs of young children or teens.  For example, Grace used a photo she took and her favorite editing program to overlap a quote on the photo and this will be used as the cover of her lapbook rather than a coloring page that was provided.  Lilah wants to draw or paint a wolf, like she did with the lion that became the cover of her Narnia lapbook.  

I am glad we began our research early because every thing we learned was covered in the first class.  The lapbook will be worked on over the next four months until the class is completed in May.  This is the first time the WCC has offered homeschool programming and I am impressed with the thought that went into planning.  Although there is a large age range of children, the instructors are comfortable with all ages and the teens were split into their own group.  

My girls felt this was the best class we have attended in a long time and wish it was offered weekly.  So do I.......

Course Outline:
Wolf families, pack structure / wolf life
Importance of communication within packs
Den building 
Pup 101
Activity – shelter/den building with sticks and leaves
Resource survival game (food, water, shelter, etc.)
Importance of the Endangered Species Act
What the ESA is: different listings, what they mean, creation of act
Examples of what animals are listed
Current challenges faced by ESA
Activity – write essay about what the ESA means to you and present it to the class
Current challenges faced by wolves located at Isle Royale, British Columbia
Little known wolf populations that are struggling
BC, aerial hunting of wolves, caribou population, etc.
Activity - tracking:  importance of radio collars in tracking these wolves
SSP:  in depth look at the Species Survival Plan program
Red wolves, Mexican gray wolves
Federal recovery programs, institutions involved
How SSP has helped wolves  F838, 2015 red wolf pups, M1141
Activity – SSP studbooks
Mythology of wolves                       

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Rosemarie said...

We went there years ago for a one time class and I remember loving it. Looks like a great program. Enjoy!

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