Monday, May 9, 2016

Ding Darling

Another thing that will be added to Biology is the guided tour we took through Ding Darling Nature Reserve when we were in Sanibel in April.  The highlight of this excursion was coming very close to the resident alligator!  We also saw some manatee frolicking but they were too far away to capture on film.  We learned about tree crabs, the mangrove forest ecosystem, natural fish hatcheries, osprey nesting habits, and of course, alligators.  


  1. I was going to say hands-on learning is the best. But it the case of that alligator I'll limit my praises to not-too-close up viewing!

  2. This looks like such an incredible experience. There is nothing like actually being in nature and learning but I agree with Sandra, some things are better observed from a distance!


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