Friday, June 24, 2016

Answered Prayer

It is so hard to believe that in just a few days I will have a high school freshman and a high school junior!  They were so little when we began this journey and now one is signed up for her driver’s permit and the other has her first official high school class beginning in July.  She already has a high school credit in language arts for OYAN and a partial credit for US History.  

It is time to put 2015-2016 to bed.  I am tired of dwelling on the year of sickness and injury.  We did not finish everything and frankly, it is what it is.  What we did, we did well, and what we did not finish, we will circle back to.  

We have some super exciting things planned for 2016-2017.  Things that I know will be great simply because they came to me through the grace of God.  I prayed hard for some changes, like a group to belong to.  The pain of losing so many friendships over the years has taken a toll on us.  We had some hard conversations about returning to school to be connected with more kids, more opportunities, and more social events.  Since the girls were adamant that they did not want to choose this route, I prayed that God would put us in touch with the right people and open doors for our family.  I know God will not answer every prayer.  However, when I intentionally chose to give it up to him, I met some people who led us to opportunity.

Back at our marsh walk, I met a mother from my town who used to teach at a Christian school near us.  She told us of a Christian coop that meets ever other week with lots of teens.  In addition to the bi-monthly meets, there is an extension of the coop, just for teens, that meets weekly and focuses on core credit classes.  We visited and went on the wait list.  I resisted every temptation to call or email, just to check in on our placement and when I was at my very first retreat (still have to blog about that) I received an email of acceptance!  Through this coop, the girls will have:
  • 1.0 credit in US history (in addition to the work we did this year with the Dave Raymond curriculum)
  • 1.0 credit in foreign language (French)
  • Lilah will either have 1/2 or 1.0 credit in English, as she already has one credit from OYAN and will have 1/2 credit this summer with a creative writing class taught by Gail Carson Levine.
  • Grace will have a 1/2 credit in guitar to add to her credits of piano instruction
  • They each will have 1/2 credit in fine arts which Grace was reluctant to take but we realized if she is considering art school for photography she needs to build a portfolio across art mediums.

I am excited for this opportunity.  Grace will take a portrait photography class and Lilah is going to be a part of the worship band (at coop) as a singer!  (assuming they get their first choice picks).  Academics aside, I am mostly grateful for the chance to be connected again.  Homeschooling solo can be lonely, even when you are busy going from class to class.  We are constantly out and about, but we have not been anchored down by anything that is binding.  We need it in our life.  I am so very grateful for this answered prayer.


Anaise said...

I'm grateful for your blessings, too. :) Answered prayers are a testimony to us all.

Sandra said...

So glad this opportunity has come through for you. Homeschooling solo is lonely. I think my 15 yo is really noticing it this year now her brother (sibling closest in age to her) has finished homeschooling and her sister (sibling she's closest to) is on an overseas working holiday. Mostly it is just the two of us at home and although we are close I feel something is missing. It'll be interesting to see if this changed dynamic alters her plan to spread her remaining homeschooling out over an extra year (to more easily fit in her hefty sporting commitment. Anyway I hope the coop provides what you are looking for.

LJS said...

Thank you! I try so hard to control and it was getting us nowhere. I felt like we were working well but were not very satisfied. I am going to enjoy this summer but I am eager to see what the fall has in store for us!

LJS said...

The different seasons of our lives certainly affect our homeschooling. Just when we think everything is balanced, the dynamic shifts in some way and we have to shift accordingly. My downfall has been not shifting. I try to hold on to what worked at the time and "make" it work still. This upcoming year will look very different for us but I am very excited!

Theresa B said...

Our first couple of years homeschooling were really difficult because while Piper made a lot of friends, Allie struggled to connect with kids that were her maturity level. It was such a godsend about 5 years ago when we joined a co-op and Allie connected with a group of kids. Now the girls go to a teen-led group on Wednesdays and look forward to it all week. They spend the week texting their friends and weekends making plans to hang out. I hope your girls find the same! Having friends, I think, is so important, especially at this age!

LJS said...

We tried our version of the group your girls belong to, in New Haven. While it had many positive aspects, our group was just a bit too disorganized for Grace's learning style. I think this is because it was so new at the time and still figuring things out. We came to it too soon.

I am thrilled to be in this coop. The larger size, the Christian themes, the opportunities for music and photography are awesome, but the large number of teens is what really drew us in. It seems to fill all our needs. It has allowed me to breath easier this summer and not worry too much about what we didn't do, since I know through their upcoming classes they will get it again and go further than we did!

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