Thursday, July 7, 2016

Greg's birthday at Mohegan Sun

Our family has its share of faults. Dust bunnies hold wild dance parties under our couches and Irish Lace can be found in the corners hanging from the crown moulding.  Don’t you just love “Irish Lace”?  That’s what my Gram used to call cobwebs.  "Oh, that’s just Irish Lace." thing our family does well is birthdays.  We try to find something that is interesting to the person whose birthday is being celebrated.  Last year Grace went to the Grand Prix horse show for her 15th birthday.  Lilah partied in Hoboken at Carlo’s Bakery for her 10th.  Last year we took Greg to the horse races in Monmouth Park, NJ for his 45th birthday and this year we helped him celebrate 46 at Mohegan Sun Casino’s Barbecue Festival.  

The rain and severe storms couldn’t bring us down.  Not when there is pulled pork and brisket to eat and hard core smokers to chat with about rubs and smoke time. When the storms rolled through we just headed inside to what Lilah termed the “adult arcade” to walk around the mall portion of the casino until the rain passed and the event reopened.


Mother of 3 said...

I just love that glass sculpture! It's so pretty to look around inside there.

Anaise said...

How lovely that you all do birthdays very well.

We don't.

At least not how you do them.

But I guess that's okay. :)

Happy birthday to your man!

And I've been reading all of your lovely religious posts about your spiritual journeys. I've not known what to say in response, so I've savored them in my heart.

Just wanted you to know.

LJS said...

It was my first time there. It is visually stunning.

LJS said...

Thank you for sharing this! I recommitted to my blog. One of my favorite bloggers, 71Toes, inspired me to keep going so I can continue my family history. Every year I print this blog and have the past 6 years lined up on my bookshelf. Last year's book is pretty meager and I this blog is our family scrapbook so I want to preserve it. The church has been a huge part of our family the past few months so to get caught up, I had to share our story. I am glad you enjoyed it!

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