Sunday, July 3, 2016

My Bible

I love my Bible.  I carry it with me everywhere.  Grace and I were talking about her youth group and she was amazed at how well the kids there know the Bible.  They know the stories and the first half of youth group is a discussion about how to relate the Bible to their young adult lives.  The purpose is to give them the tools, the boldness, and the desire to go out into the world as Christ followers and not succumb to a double life of following Jesus in church but not in the world.  One day she expressed interest in knowing her Bible and I told her I would love to learn together.

I use my wait time for this purpose.  I wait at piano lessons.  I wait at sign language lessons (for 2 1/2 hours!).  I wait at riding lessons.  I wait at photography lessons.  This is my sermon time.  I watch past sermons from my church that are conveniently on iTunes as podcasts or on their website to stream.   I look up whatever passage they focus on and this is where I take my notes.  I do not write over the words of God but I sure do write all around them.  And then I box in the verse using my favorite pens ever, Paper Mate black felt tips, which do not bleed through the thin onion paper.  I color in the verse using plain old Crayola crayons and then I add something extra, maybe a olive branch or stickers or stamps.  If it is really special, I will make a tab.  I always write down the date I which church or church event/sermon/podcast it came from.  

Over the months many sermons have referenced the same verse or story.  With my notes I have gained a deeper understanding of the words of God.  My Bible is also my story.  My walk in faith.  My thoughts and feelings about my faith.  What I am striving to be on a daily basis, even though I fall so short.  

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Shel said...

What a beautiful Bible and what a great way to study scripture! I may have to take a cue from you, though I am not sure my art work would be nearly as gorgeous as yours! xo

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