Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Summer Studies: French 1

Back to school shopping in July seems crazy but it has been so long since we have been excited for new classes and opportunities that we are riding the wave of excitement all the way to Staples.  The syllabus for French class came through via our Google Group.  A separate binder with 5 tabs is required as well as two textbooks.  

Because the girls have never studied French before and some of the other students in class will already have had a semester of French, there is summer homework: watching FrenchPod101 on YouTube and learning the vocabulary, counting to 100, reading basic books (like Dr. Seuss) in French and watching cartoons and movies with French subtitles.  

Normally I am frugal when it comes to basic supplies but for this I let them splurge.  We stuck only to French.  No big binders yet.  No shiny new pencils.  Just the binders.  I adore the divider tabs they bought.  I also let them get a pack of 100 colored index cards, although they used up 25 on their first FrenchPod video (25 most common phrases).  But they are reviewing their cards daily and Lilah has taken an interest in mastering as many words and phrases as possible this summer.  Yeah Lilah!  She never loved sign language as much as Grace, so she is going to move from ASL to French exclusively.  Grace will continue with ASL because she is now conversational and with more instruction and practice could become fluent.  For this, she will study at The Sign Language Center which will make for a long, busy week for her.  Just the kind of week she loves.


Theresa B said...

My girls will not pose for me and do not want me to post photos and anything about them. Well, unless they approve them, which is very rare. I think it is so nice that your girls will still let you take pictures of them and post them. I can't wait for my girls to get out of this stage!

That is awesome that Grace is conversational in ASL!

LJS said...

Her level is technically 3 but her friend's parents are both Deaf and she can converse with them, so I call her conversational (The Sign Language Center would beg to differ.....). I'm happy she is willing to continue her classes there, as it makes for a long day but the immersion experience is worth it. As for the blog, they are the ones that beg me to keep it going. They don't mind hamming it up for me every now and again.

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