Friday, July 8, 2016

VBS Part 1: The Preparation

When we said yes to the call to switch churches, we were all in.  If we wanted community, we had to join in the plentiful offerings available to us.  When a call for volunteers went out the three of us signed up, Lilah and I for crafts, and Grace for outdoor games.  

The craft team met several times during the weeks leading up to VBS to plan the crafts, plan the decoration of the hall, order supplies, make samples and organize for each craft as much as was possible.  Never having been involved in something as grand as this, I had no idea what to expect.  300+ kids, 100 volunteers, a preschool program designed just for the children of volunteers, so they could be free to volunteer (how genius!)  

Our theme was Submerged so all decorations had a nautical, underwater feel.  I asked my Dad for a large piece of cardboard since he sells tools and he gave me the largest piece he could find to construct our anchor.  The corrugated box was so thick Greg used his jigsaw to cut it out for me when he got home from work.  It was covered in aluminum foil and the chain was made from spray painted plastic plates.  It was fun to make and a great addition to the super huge room that crafts was held in.  

Once the decorations were hung, the sixteen tables covered, chairs put out, supply tables lined up, and craft supplies gathered we just had to wait for Monday morning to arrive!


Theresa B said...

I love the paper plate chain! How clever!!

VBS was always one of the major highlights of the girls' summer when they were little! The girls' attended VBS at both our church (which was small, but popular locally so we got a lot of kids that were not members of the church) and at a HUGE church where there were a lot of kids, but I didn't volunteer at that one, I just hung out on site and ran around like a gopher if needed. I also ran crafts several times at our church - and I run 3 library craft programs a week --but NEVER 16 tables! WOW! No wonder you were tired! That is a lot! But so glad you all enjoyed it and felt part of the community! As an introvert, the community aspect of church was, at times, difficult for me. But I think it's important to feel connected.

LJS said...

Oh my gosh, when I got home I had to go into mommy time out. My girls didn't really understand but I'm a true introvert -- I don't mind things like this but when I get home I can't go or do anything. I just need to sit and read or take a nap or be still in some way. It literally recharges me. However, Grace is a go go go kinda gal and this just warmed up her day. It worked by having a friend with us all week so when we got home I could rest, but they could hang out.

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