Friday, July 8, 2016

VBS Part 2 - 300 Kids!

Monday came bright and sunny and over 300 children made their way through crafts.  Oh my!  300 children with 300 personalities, 300 needs, 300 temperaments.  So many kids.  But like all the other things we have been involved with, this too was run with amazing efficiency as the result of super organized people!  

Some of the crafts were painted votive holders, pipe cleaner octopuses (I did check the grammar on this!), prayer journals, jellyfish boo boo packs, underwater viewers and wobble divers that looked like little Minions.  Some were harder than others and we each had our favorites.  Mine was the votive holder that now sits on my dining room table next to the votive holder from my retreat.  

I never saw Grace during the day since she was outside having a blast with her friend Danielle.  It was hot, but not too hot and she loved every minute of her week.  Lilah and I enjoyed the cool air conditioning and she too, loved every minute of her week.    I loved it but to be honest, by Thursday I was a bit tired and when Friday came I was ready to call it a week.  I know for sure and certain we will do it again and we all tentatively agreed to re-up for crafts and begin planning early in the new year.  We heard the theme is outer space which brings to mind so many great ideas for decorations and crafts.

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