Sunday, August 28, 2016

Faith is a Verb: Lead Week Day 4

This summer I have been savor ink Unshaken by Crawford W. Loritts, Jr.  Chapter 4: Faith is Obedience really speaks to me this week.  To paraphrase "To live by faith is more than a suggestion in the Bible; it is a command.  Therefore, living by faith is an act of is a willful choice to turn to God as our source and sufficiency to meet every need and challenge we have (insert challenge you are facing).  In all of these circumstances, when we choose faith over doubt, we are choosing obedience over disobedience." (pg. 51)

I prayed and prayed that the time would come when Grace, and eventually Lilah would be ready to leave home.  When they were younger I wanted to them to experience a retreat, a mission trip, or simply an overnight at a friend's house.  Our church at the time did not offer opportunities like these, but now these choices and more are available to them.  I did not always want to be a chaperone.  I believe that other adults need to serve as role models and let parents be parents, especially when we are homeschooling parents. We need a break from the many roles we shoulder.

I know that Grace choosing to go to Lead Week was answered prayer.  I cannot sit at home and wonder and worry.  If I do then clearly I am not putting my trust in God.  I must live by my faith and know that God's got this.  This is not to say that something could not happen, this is Grace after all, but even if something went wrong and illness or injury fell upon her, worrying about the possibility is not walking in obedience.  Fretting, texting, becoming agitated at bedtime when I have not received a good night call or text is not walking in obedience.   Carrying my phone around and obsessively checking Instagram for an update is not walking in obedience.  So I have put down my phone, prayed myself to sleep at night, and put my trust in God that Grace is happy and healthy and being loved on by those I have entrusted with her care.  


As Pastor Loritts also mentioned in Chapter 4, faith is a noun but it is also a verb. "In order for faith to be faith, there must be action." (pg 50.). On page 56 he gave me a very powerful piece of wisdom, "You can't go with God and stay where you are."  I think this is both a figurative AND a literal statement of faith.

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