Monday, August 1, 2016

Lake Compounce, Bristol, Connecticut

We are blessed to have a special relationship with my cousin and his family.  For years we have traveled north to Massachusetts because I wanted to be a part of their young family and it was important to me that our children knew each other....not just knew of each other, but really knew them.  Because my girls are so much older and we have been road tripping since they were born, we usually visit them but this day we met half way at Lake Compounce Park.

It was hot.  100 degrees with the heat index hot.  93 degrees and humid hot.  Hard for me to function hot.  I was prepared to drop the girls off and head to a Starbucks or Barnes and Nobel to read, write, and do my Bible studies.  I foolishly thought that in this heat young children would wear out quickly and we would be home for dinner.  Ha!  Lesson learned.  These children know how to do a theme park!

Thankfully there was plenty of shade for me to move to.  I moved shady spot to shady spot, bench to bench, table to table.  I watched the stroller.  I colored with the youngest when she got a bit cranky.  I read three chapters of Unshaken.  I wrote my last blog post.  I watched the smiles on the kids’ faces and my heart was happy.  The heat affected me, but it did not sicken me.  

We opened the park and we closed the park.  We walked out to an empty parking lot (the rain chased most of the guests away) and a magnificent full double rainbow opposite a deep orange sky.  Severe storms passed through Connecticut but they passed over and under us leaving us with all the beauty and none of the disappointment.  

Notice my tee shirt?  It sparked a great conversation with a young male member of the park’s staff.  I hope he votes his faith and puts his trust in God, not men.

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Theresa B said...

When i ran a summer camp in New Milford one of the field trips was Lake Compounce and I do remember liking it. I am not a theme park person either. My girls have season passes to Great Adventure (Six Flags) and so do their friends and it ends up being a great halfway spot between homeschool families to hang out. I went with them a few weeks ago...and yeah, not my thing.

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