Friday, August 19, 2016

Marconi Beach, Cape Cod National Seashore

Greg and I like to dream about the days when he is no longer working and we can spend time together doing what we both love and enjoying each other.  We are blessed that we really are best friends.  For us it is not a cliche’d saying, but a truth.  There is no one on earth I would rather be with.  We have thought of Florida since Sanibel Island is our favorite place and I get condo sale updates every day from the Fort Meyers area.  There is another place I would love to be someday, Wellfleet, Massachusetts. 

We have traveled up and down the east coast and my favorite beach is Marconi Beach, part of the National Seashore.  Unlike other beaches on the Cape, there are no homes in view.  No beach clubs.  No jettes.  No parking lots in sight.  Just miles and miles of beach backed by dramatic cliffs.  In my dreams I imagine a small home near the bike path.  I dream of walking hand in hand along this beach watching the sun rise (or set over the cliffs).  I dream of wandering through galleries and having the shop owners know us by name.  We will have our favorite coffee shop and bakery.  We will plan our days around the tide and marvel at God’s creation every day.  

Sanibel or Marconi or someplace yet undiscovered?  Only God knows where our future will lead us and in the meantime, I plan on enjoying our time in both places fully.

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Theresa B said...

We have spent the last several years thinking about moving to a home with more land, in NJ so Jason can keep the same job. After several years of finding homes we loved only to realize they had black mold issues that may or may not be able to be remediated (not worth the risk), were near power lines, on busy roads, backed up to a major highway, were near farms that were spraying toxic chemicals, or were in commercial areas, we have decided to stay here (it's close to so many things for the girls anyway). And to focus on when we can retire and where we would like to live. So far Charleston, South Carolina is on that list. We are leaving for Vermont tomorrow and I am hoping to put that on the list as well. I went to Vermont for the first time as a teenager with my family and fell in love, I went to college there briefly and came home because of a boy (so dumb) but had I not I never would have met Jason or had the girls. Jason and I camped there when we were in college, but we have not been back in over 20 years. Maybe we won't love it as much, maybe we will.

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