Thursday, August 11, 2016

Sinking Deep: Cape Cod 2016

Mid August is our annual family trip to Cape Cod.  My memories of childhood are intertwined in the nooks and crannies of the Cape.  How blessed I am to have the opportunity to pass on this treasure to my children.  Some things are different of course. 
where we stay

the beach we sink our toes into

the farms we visit

our favorite food stand

our favorite pottery studio

But other things are the same like 

early morning bike rides

walking downtown Chatham

beach hair


Each time we come we bring back a favorite memory to tuck away and carry us through the cold long winter.  Last year it was finding huge whelks in a bay in Orleans.  Another year it was building sandcastles with the youngest cousin.  There was the time my dad chased mice with his belt.  There was the year we were convinced the eyes on an ancient painting were following us everywhere.  There was the musical stroll in Harwichport and the bike ride to Wellfleet.  There was swimming with sand sharks and trying to feed the bunnies.  So many memories over the years which all pile up one on top of another making the Cape our special place.  Some families travel all over, soaking up memories from every place they go and we layer our memories one on top of the other until the sink into us like a second skin.  The Cape = summer.  The Cape = family.  The Cape = happy.  And this year we add another layer and let the beautiful memories we make sink deep.

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Theresa B said...

This is so sweet. I have enjoyed your photos. And I love how the LinkWithin below the post links to some of your other special memories on the Cape.

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