Thursday, September 29, 2016

Plimouth Plantation

I have a tendency to stress the small stuff and it is always Greg who centers me and brings me back to balance.  I want all homeschooling has to offer.  I want the classes for my girls, the new friendships, the social time hanging out after coop, the yearbook and next year I will want the graduation. They want these things too.  So we have to find a way to keep balanced in a crazy life.  I do not want to celebrate busy or make busy our idol.  I'm sure it is the same everywhere, but here in this cramped corner of New England busy is normal and busy is seen as productive.  Busy is celebrated.  Busy is a badge on honor.  So how do you live a busy life while still finding time for quiet?  You honor the moments of quiet and calm and give thanks to God for the opportunity to be busy.  

Busy brought us a great field trip to Plimouth Plantantion, Mayflower II and Plymouth Rock.  It brought us 6 hours in the car to catch up on sleep and get some reading done.  It brought us a blustery day with the smell of salt air and the screech of seagulls.  It brought us time with classmates and teachers.  It brought us time to hear our history book (Notgrass Exploring America 1) come to life.  Literally come to life.  I wish Grace took a picture of the man portraying one of the original voyagers with his crystal blue eyes, aged face and craggy beard and perfect accent.  He brought lessons 8, 9 and 10 to life by retelling exactly what they had read in preparation for this trip!  It was awesome and I loved listening to him share his story with us.

This was our second trip to Plimouth, the first one happening three years ago before they had knowledge of our history and before they had an understanding of the implications of this voyage.  One thing that came resonated with me as we ran into character after character perfectly portrayed as if we truly had stepped back in time, was the values of resiliency, self determination, self reliance, entrepreneurial spirit, community, and faith that each person held to be true.  I wonder how these settlers of Plymouth would feel if they could spend a day in this day and age, 2016, and see how far we have strayed from these beliefs that they held to be self evident.  I wonder...


  1. We LOVED our trip to Plimouth plantation. It was so much fun and a great way to really bring history to life. But it was a cold, windy and drizzly day for us as well and we did not make it over to Plymouth rock. This area has personal significance to me because my grandfather was able to trace our family ancestry back to the Mayflower! I want my boys to understand what that means for our family and what their ancestors had to endure.

    1. That's amazing that you can track your family lineage that far back! Listening to the stories of what they had to endure was truly amazing.

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment! We are so blessed that the history teacher in our new coop uses your curriculum. My girls (14 and 16) both enjoy it and they have learned so much in just a few weeks. Next up for us is the Freedom Trail in Boston, again perfectly timed with their reading! How fortunate we are to live in New England!


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