Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Grace's 11th Grace year

Finishing up Math-U-See Geometry in fall.  Spring TBD.
New Member of youth group's worship band
Music Theory (taught by Lilah's cello teacher)
Portrait Photography (coop)
Studio Photography (professional photographer hired to teach class)
Horseback riding
Trampoline lessons
American History (Notgrass American History 1 and 2 and American Voices with literature component)
Hero's Adventure (English - fall semester)
Painting (fall semester)
Dave Ramsey's financial literacy with Generation BE (fall semester)
Biology 101 series, Chemistry 101 series
Driver's Education
ASL 4 at The Sign Language Center in Manhattan

Lilah's 9th Grade Year

Writer's Workshop with Gail Carson Levine (completed summer 2016) 
*She already has one credit for English from One Year Adventure Novel.  She completed curriculum with word count of 20,000+ which is more than anticipated freshman word count.  
Hero's Adventure (English - fall semester)
Science: Biology 101 series
Cello lessons
Worship band at coop
Pottery (coop)
Drawing (coop)
Painting (coop)
Studio photography (professional photographer)
Horseback riding lessons
French 1
American History (Notgrass American History 1 and 2, American Voices and literature component)
Math U See PreAlgebra
Youth Group
Continued work as classroom assistant in Student Ministry

Our fall will be busy, busy, busy.  There are four field trips with history, on site photo shoots with studio photography, retreats with youth group, and thankfully there is also time to relax.  We are out of the house 3 of the 5 week days and Grace will be busy on Saturdays also (her choice).  The days we are not at outside classes or coop, we will sleep in and work at the library.  I hope that I have balanced their needs and met some of their wants. I hope that they are happy with the social opportunities coop provides and that Lilah meets wonderful friends at youth group.  I hope that I can maintain the energy needed to keep up with two teens.  

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Theresa B said...

I always, always loved reading about everyone's plan for the semester or year and what curriculum and outside classes they were taking. I also always enjoyed writing that post. You guys are going to be busy but it looks like a great mix and variety with lots of things to sink your teeth into and get creative with! I can't wait to see how your year progresses!! Here is to a great year!

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