Thursday, December 15, 2016

Gram's Chocolate Pie

November passed by in a bit of a blur.  How is it that time actually seems to speed up the older the girls get?  People used to tell me that all the time.  "Enjoy it, it goes by so quickly..." and I scoffed at them.  The toddler years did not go by quickly for me.  People seem to say that all the time to parents of young children, but they really should reserve comment for parents of teens.  I know that in a short 18 months, my family life will look much different and I am holding on to these moments and treasuring them.

One moment I hold near and dear was pie making day.  One day out of the blue my Aunt called and said she would like to come visit to teach us how to make my Grandmother's chocolate pie.  This pie is my all time favorite dessert.  Growing up, we only had it on Christmas and Easter.  She always saved me the biggest piece.  My Aunt carries on this tradition and when I happen to be with her on these holidays, she still saves me the biggest piece.

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  1. Lovely tradition, so glad your aunt showed up to share her mad skills. Love the pics!


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