Friday, January 27, 2017

In the details

Over and over I tell myself that God is in the details.  I think He can’t possibly know or care about the little details of my life because I am just a drop of water in the huge ocean of humanity, yet He hears me when I speak.  I was feeling a bit worn out and purposefully kept the calendar light this week.   I thought we would see a movie, visit my Aunt, and do a bit of work.  I needed to slow down in order to fill myself up.  

In an odd way, I got exactly what I said I wanted.  A nor’easter blew through Monday whipping up some crazy waves at Silver Sands State Park and my weather girl/photographer thought she could get in some driving time in windy conditions and get some cool pictures.  The Connecticut driving laws are a bit overprotective in that while under a learner’s permit, Lilah cannot be in the car while Grace is driving.  This restricts her practice and is often why Lilah is lacking in pictures lately.  I find it absurd, but rules are rules.

The wind was whipping sand everywhere and after only a few minutes I was ready to leave.  Grace got her pictures and I just wasn’t feeling quite right.  Tuesday coop was cancelled due to trees down in several towns and a school cancellation in the town where coop is held.  This was a blessing because I felt like crud.  We watched chemistry, watched the final lesson in Dave Ramsey’s Generation Go series, watched a Great Course photography lesson, and Lilah finished Miss Peregrine’s School for Peculiar Children (she rated it 5 stars).  Our chemistry lesson was so interesting, we watched another Wednesday before going to see The Redemption of Gavin Stone (I give it 5 stars).  At the movie, Grace didn’t feel quite right.  Thursday kept us home as she struggled with a fever and body aches and I cancelled piano for Friday.  

In the past weeks like this would have stressed me out.  Did we do enough?  Did we learn enough?  Now I roll with it.  Lilah has been reading like crazy.  She is up late every night reading, and has had her fill of at home days.  I have been able to catch up on things I had outstanding.  We planned our late winter vacation.  We took naps.  We ate lots of soup and drank lots of tea.  We watched Heartland.  We got a calligraphy lesson in and lots of practice.  Our life is as if we never knew what school was.  Eight years into homeschooling and I know us.  I know that God is in the details and this week was clearly a week for rest.  

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