Thursday, January 26, 2017

Modern Calligraphy

Our year has never ever run like a traditional school year.  We end and begin things all the time.  When someone I knew opened up a paper store in a nearby town, I asked if she would teach a class during her day off.  She agreed to teach a 6 week modern calligraphy class to my girls and three of their friends.  To say they are a bit obsessed is putting it mildly.....

They are completely inspired.  Lilah has been writing in cursive and calligraphy for ever.  She likes to add words to some of her paintings.  Grace never really expressed interest before until now.  She thinks that with the right writing instrument, she can write over photographs.  That will be pretty cool. 

We are two weeks in and they have worked on brush strokes and several letters.   This may go down as an all time favorite class!

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  1. Allie got a calligraphy kit a few years ago and we actually dug that out today. I never thought of looking for a class...


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