Friday, April 21, 2017


Last year I wrote about our need to make a big change and how that change was driven by the need to rebuild our social group.  My heart was breaking for my girls who were lonely and considering school options if that was the only way to have a group of friends they see on a regular basis.  I prayed over admission to our coop after learning it was at capacity and my prayers were answered when we were given a place.  

Here we are eight months later and between youth group and coop my girls have all the social opportunities they need to maintain a healthy balance between studies and social time.  

We have had movie nights to see Screenagers and Is Genesis History.
We have been to game nights at friend’s houses.
We have been out for brunch before and after church.
They girls have been to see Twenty One Pilots and We Are Messengers.
They have played paintball, been ice skating, and to bonfires.
Grace has traveled to DC for a youth conference.
Both girls have attended weekend long retreats.
They have been to gingerbread parties and birthday parties.
They lunch together after coop.
They snapchat all.the.time. and so much more...

What’s cool is some of the kids from coop attend our church so there is overlap in the groups which makes it easier to blend friends from coop with friends from church. This is a very big deal for teens who are homeschooling.  This has been the biggest struggle as their mom and I guarantee it is a leading cause of why teens re-enter school for high school.  I’m so grateful that Grace will end her homeschool years in the company of these friends and thankful that Lilah has the opportunity to go through all her high schools years with the ebb and flow of students in and out of coop and youth group.

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Mother of 3 said...

I have heard most of the parents in our area look to high school because kids are asking for more social opportunities; it's gotten to the point where there aren't a lot of kids older than 12 or so around anymore.

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