Monday, April 17, 2017

Generation Change: Dave Ramsey

Greg has listened to Dave Ramsey on and off for a while now.  To use Dave’s terminology, he is the “nerd” and I am the “free spirit”.  Recently Greg and I got behind Dave’s financial philosophy 100% and the changes in our household have been dramatic.  We are on a zero based budget for the first time ever.  We are spending, saving, and giving.  We are controlling our money rather than having our money control us.
This just happened to coincide with the completion of Generation Change series by Dave Ramsey and his daughter Rachel Cruz.  This is one piece of our curriculum that I will not part with.  I might loan it out, but I will never sell it or donate it.  The lessons contained in the DVD series are sprinkled throughout his many books and most can be found in Financial Peace University, but they are condensed and put into kid-friendly language and situations.  

It is very important for us to teach the girls about money management.  This is step one for us.  Now that they have the philosophy of money, what it is, what it is used for and what it is not used for, the concept of debt, the philosophy of life debt free and the Biblical doctine of money specifically in terms of debt, they will be able to move ahead with their learning.  Grace completed all three of these dvd sets.  Lilah has not.  However, Lilah spent a great deal of time in the car to and from Florida listening to Smart Money, Smart Kids and picked up almost all the information from that source.  

Next year they will be studying The Uncle Eric books about economics and government and justice and I’m glad they had this first.  Grace will also be taking Foundations in Personal Finance as a senior.  Since she will be running a photography business, she needs this information now.  She recently sold her first photo and is fired up to learn and grow in her art.

*This is not a paid advertisement.  I was not given this curriculum to review.  These are my opinions which I share because I love the program.


Mother of 3 said...

That is wonderful that she sold her first photo! We are trying to instill good money habits at an early age with our boys.

Theresa B said...

I have read several of Dave Ramsey's books and they always remind me of advice my dad has given over the years about money. I have been wondering, other than tithing does this get deep into religion? We prefer more secular curriculum.

LJS said...

It does. I quotes specific scripture versus to support his money arguments. It is definitely not secular. I think his books are more secular than this video series. Most of this can be found in Smart Money, Smart Kids which does not seem as heavy on scripture. The book is a combination of storytelling and strategy based on age. I listened to the stories but disregarded everything that did not pertain to teens.

Theresa B said...

Thanks. I will take a look at that book.

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