Friday, April 14, 2017


Over the years I have accumulated many books.  Periodically I purge and give to libraries, to friends, to Goodwill, and I have even sold a few.  One book that has hung around for years despite never being used is Philosophy for Kids by David A. White, PhD. 

I never incorporated this book into our homeschool because to do it right, you really need vibrant discussion, which is hard with two children, two years apart in age and siblings.  Coop gave me the opportunity to have a class of students ranging in age from 13 to 17 and they are quite a “chatty” bunch!  

I love this class.  Love, love, love this class.  I spent hours and hours developing a syllabus for this class with classroom instruction coming from the lessons in Philosophy for Kids and homework comprised of other sources (required reading and Crash Course Philosophy).  Not only did I match up each lesson to a corresponding Crash Course video, I also matched up each lesson with a recommended documentary to further the discussion and draw family members in.  I created a 14 week, half credit course that the children seem to enjoy.  The feedback I have had from both students and parents is positive. One mom shared with me that she is enjoying the class as much as her daughter.  I can't tell you how good that made me feel!

This class made me realize that I really enjoy teaching and I like being in a classroom.  Grading essays is not work for me and spending hours previewing documentaries has been enjoyable.  We are eight weeks into the class. I am blessed for the opportunity to continue to teach middle and high school students at coop.  I already have my syllabus ready for How To Read Literature Like A Professor (for kids) for Fall 2017!


Theresa B said...

I always admire how creative you are when you teach.

Do you think you will go back to teaching when the homeschool gig is up?

LJS said...

I can't go back into a classroom - I let my license expire. I would love to help out parents who need/want to work part time by being their tutor part time. I have no idea how this would look in practice. Perhaps I would teach certain subjects on these days, like language arts and history (I have no desire to teach anyone math EVER AGAIN!). I'd love to teach one group M/W and another T/TH. That is my dream but I'm not sure how to make it a reality.

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