Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Worship Band

My home has been filled with music this year.  It has been for years and years but this year it has been very purposeful.  Both girls are playing in the worship band at coop, Grace mostly on ukulele which she loves and Lilah on cello.  This is Lilah’s second year of cello lessons and she is quite good.   It amazes me what this group of kids can do.  Their parent director took time off from coop to have a baby and the kids ran this group themselves.  They picked the music, sent chord charts or lead sheets to the band members, ran rehearsal at 8:00am and performed each coop at 8:45am.  They have band as a class but they are able to play a song each week with just an hour and a half of practice.  Not having been raised in Catholic or Christian schools, I get choked up when I reflect on the beauty of starting a day in worship and prayer.  It affects the entire day in a positive way.  I swear it is the only thing that has propelled me through Fridays.  Last Friday I drove 4 1/2 hours to coop, to piano, and home.  Crazy.

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Theresa B said...

I have always admired that were so into playing musical instruments. I feel playing an instrument gives kids something to keep working at and improving, which teaches such a valuable lesson. We tried to find instruments the girls would like, but neither of them were into it. It's wonderful that they now get to take their talent and ability and share it with other teens (and adults).

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